Human Resources Management

Our full-service HR solution helps you remove HR obstacles, side-step pitfalls and clear a path so you and your employees can fulfill your ambitions. We handle many of your complex administrative tasks, deliver access to better benefits for your employees, reduce your employer liabilities and provide personalized HR support. Adhering to the motto, “Fix the process, not the person”, we minutely examine the need of the position, thus provide the assessment report for particular talents. Our entire study elements takes place between the candidate potential and the position need for the particular project as well as for the entire industry. First, the company’s “succession plan” system aims to cover strategic positions while drawing attention to any risk areas and acting to reduce them. Second, the “technical career” helps ensure key and emerging areas of knowledge are both covered while retaining highly experienced staff. Third, the performance management process ensures that HR strategy is ever more closely linked to the company’s business objectives and oversees how employees can make contributions toward the business’ ongoing improvement. Finally, “training and development” seeks to combine professional and management training opportunities, distance learning and coaching academy to offer the most to staff. HR is often overlooked — its contribution to an oil and gas company are sometimes intangible, obscured by more dominant areas such as engineering or easily understandable tasks like distribution. Its results are not always immediately available and, beyond hiring and firing, may seem difficult to quantify in a quarterly report.

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