Industry Introduction

Whether you’re looking to start a new career or change your current one, Professional language and technical training with NIXIMI help you become job ready. Learn at your own pace from professionals from top companies and universities, apply your new skills to hands-on projects that showcase your expertise to potential employers, and earn a career credential to kickstart your new career. Our technical training are delivered online with our experts (hands on or on-site arrangements are also arranged at our facilities at different location). The course completion certificates shall be provided for each modules as requested by the trainees. Our certificates are associated with various recognized companies and international institutions. We value human skills through our training offer developed by our offices to respond adequately and tailored to your needs. Our key objective is to provide our Chinese professionals a bridge to experience and develop work place communication, exchange of words as well as to serve as a window via our expats rich in both professional & technical areas. NIXIMI can set up the following solutions to improve the productivity of your teams: Moreover, thanks to our network of internal, external and partner consultants, we help you to create customized training in technical and HSE related fields. Our accompanying methodology below. Our curriculum;Personalized Units;Authentic Content;Career-Aligned Courses;Curriculum-Aligned Courses;Content Integration. Our Methodology Live Instruction;Private Classes;Group Classes. Our objectives To provide the students with industrial exposure.To understand real world application of theoretical knowledge To allow the students learn the technical know-how of the industry To allow the students participate in research of real world and further assist for publications. To allow students to learn the technicality of engineering work, both through on-site & in-house practices. Most importantly, provide the reputation & brand image for the educational system of the universities. Our Responsibility & Services To provide orientation on overview of oil & gas industry To provide several technical courses for petroleum engineering students To provide consultation for foreign students regarding career development To assist students with industrial exposure via on-site training, internship & in-house/ web-based training.

Industry training